Features and Benefits

Metal Seat Box

  • Tubular steel gives consistent size and stability
  • Exceeds push-off requirements for arm attachments
  • Allows the product to be stable when getting in and out of a chair, sofa, or loveseat
  • No flex inside seat rail during arm push-off, giving the product a solid feel
  • Consumer perceives steel to be better structurally than wood
  • Total consistency from frame to frame – eliminating the inconsistency of plywood and the voids and softness of hardwood
  • Eliminates assembling labor

Synthetic Rocker Cam and Metal Rocker Base

  • Patent pending
  • Metal rocker base gives more strength than wood
  • Joints are welded, not glued like wood, resulting in no broken glue joints
  • Consistency of steel is more exact than the machining of wood
  • Plastic glides completely cover the ends of the base, giving a finished look
  • Long Life™ mechanism has been field-tested and proven by L&P’s testing facility


  • Single
  • Loveseat
  • Sofa
  • Sectional